Uganda Will Retire at Least 1,500 Next Year

Uganda Will Retire at Least 1,500 Next Year


At least 1,500 soldiers are undergoing training at Gadaffi Barracks in Jinja to prepare them for retirement next year.

The deputy army Spokesperson, Maj Henry Obbo said the retirees are trained in how they can adapt to civilian life after retirement.

“Since 2014 we have been having annual retirement programmes. This is part of the usual retirement programme,” he said.

He said they are being given knowledge mainly in financial management.

For the last three years, about 4,500 soldiers have been retired because of old age, poor heath and staying on the same rank for long.

According to the UPDF Act, a soldier intending to retire applies to the Commissions Board which is chaired by the Chief of Defence Forces which decides whether to approve the retirement or not within 90 days.

But there are those who have been notified to retire without applying because of poor health.

These retirees are replaced by new recruits who join the army every year. In October, the UPDF recruited over 3,000 youth.


The deputy Chief of Defence Forces, Lt Gen Charles Angina and Chief of Personnel and Administration Brig Joseph Musanyufu who is also the chairman of the UPDF retirement committee briefed them on how better they can use their retirement package.

“This is ultimately the key to a successful and meaningful retirement. The officers and militants will thereafter remain productive and useful members of society in life after military service,” Brig Musanyufu was quoted in a UPDF statement.

Lt Gen Angina told them never to use their military background to intimidate people.

“Once you treasure people, then you are bound to live a lovely life. Therefore, you should not use your military experience to intimidate people because you will be isolated,” he said.

As reported by Risdel Kasasira for The Monitor