New Deputy Commander, Mozambique Police Force

New Deputy Commander, Mozambique Police Force


Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi on Thursday [August 20] swore into office Jose Weng San as deputy commander of the Mozambican police force.

This position had been vacant since January when Nyusi appointed its previous occupant, Jaime Monteiro, as Minister of the Interior.

Weng San has been a police officer for the past three decades, and his most recent position was commander of the Frontier Guard. He has also been provincial police commander in Maputo, Nampula and Zambezia provinces, and national commander of the riot police.

At the Thursday ceremony, Nyusi declared that the defence and security forces cannot be run on the basis of improvisation.

Instead, commanders must prepare their decisions and tasks carefully.

“The best commander”, Nyusi declared, “is he who avoids taking emotional decisions, which could lead to damage and losses, and hence prove costly”.


He stressed that police commanders must concentrate on complying with the national agenda without any form of discrimination among Mozambicans. “You are part of the crew of a vessel where the only colours of the passengers are those of the national flag”, he said. “In that vessel travel Mozambicans from the Rovuma to the Maputo (the rivers marking the country’s northern and southern borders), members of a single tribe called Mozambique, which embraces differences”.

Nyusi stressed that the police serve the people and not any political party. “The members of your political party are the more than 24 million Mozambicans”, he said. “These are the people whom you must defend and protect”.

The mission of the police, he added, was to defend vulnerable citizens and to avoid crimes such as murders and kidnapping. He mentioned in particular the need to defend albino citizens. In the past, this had never been a concern – but in recent months the grisly crime of kidnapping and murdering albinos to harvest their body parts for black magic rituals has been imported from Tanzania.

For his part, Weng San told reporters he would work closely with the population. Criminals lived among the public, and members of the public could provide information on their whereabouts

“The public can tell us where the bandits and murderers are”, he said, “and we shall always continue in alliance with the public”.

Nyusi also swore into office Eugenio Roque as chief of staff of the Presidential Guard, the police unit responsible for the protection of the President.

As reported by AIM