Multinational Counter-Piracy Operations

How strategically significant is the Gulf of Guinea to the major maritime powers?

By Captain Pakiribo S. Anabraba, Nigerian Navy


South Africa’s Internal and External Deployments

The South African Ministry of Defence recently briefed a South African parliamentary committee on the SANDF’s operations and the ACIRC.

Article contains three charts not shown in this text. To view complete article, click here (Page 12)


Policy Questions for the Next US AFRICOM Commander

US Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Thomas Waldhauser has been nominated to be the next commander


Maximizing Effectiveness with Special Forces

African militaries are seizing the benefits of specialized forces


Africa’s Active Militant Islamist Groups (Page 16)


Building Partnerships and Relationships

South Africa’s Paramount is a globally successful defense industrial powerhouse.


Internet/Facebook African Penetration (Page 26)

A chart looks at all African countries and compares their populations, internet users (2000 and 2015), percentage of population and number of Facebook users.




Driving the Continental Imperative

ARMSCOR has struggled past issues and is positioning itself to help shape a new way of dealing with Africa and how things are done in Africa.


Future Soldier Programs

With about 40 programs worldwide, Africa is off to a slow start both in numbers and progress.

By Andrew W. Hull and David R. Markov


Land Forces Interoperability in SADC Joint and Combined Operations

It is unrealistic in today’s complex and integrated security environment, for most countires to ignore what can be gained by partnering.

General Geraldo Sachipengo Nunda

Chief of General Staff, Angolan Armed Forces


African Capacity of Immediate Response to Crisis

Steady progress towards a standardized African response force and South Africa organizes its participation

By Brigadier General Chris Gildenhuys

Director Operations, Joint Operations Division

South African National Defence Force


Namibian Defence Forces Methodically

Building Special Forces Capabilities

Focus on candidate selection, training, the right equipment and adequate funding, Namibia is building an elite fighting force.

By Oscar Nkala


The Algerian Defense Market

Algeria surpassed South Africa as the largest defense market in Africa in 2009.


Evading the Endgame in an Insurgency

The case of the Lord’s Resistance Army and beyond.

By Major David O. Munyua

Uganda People’s Defence Force


The Dilemma of Combating Terrorism in Democratizing States

A case study of the Republic of Uganda in the context of East African security.

By Major Alex Bwoma Tumushabe


East Africa’s Differing Views of Terrorist Threats Create Responses Challenges

African Union’s failure to eradicate terrorism in East Africa threatens long-term stability

By Kabir Bhatia


Percentage of African Internet Penetration, 2001-2013

Internet & social media impacting outcomes?


VIP Air Transportation—African Requirements Exist

Building on existing frameworks and new initiatives, Africa moves towards a common strategy.


Africa’s Egypt, Rejunvenation

Trying to make up for lost decades, Egypt re-engages Africa.

By Zaid Al-Nassir


The Years of Implementation

South African Minister of Defence Ms Nosiviwe Noluthando Mapisa-Nqakula discusses transformation of the military and the partnership with South African industry.


Combating Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea

Fast-tracking multinational efforts that coordinate maritime security for the region.

By Adeniyi Adejimi Osinowo


The African Standardization Challenge

Considering the advantages and synergies of focused acquisition.

By Paul Pryce


African Space Policy and Strategy

Building on existing frameworks and new initiatives, Africa moves towards a common strategy.

By Ayman Ahmed


Growing Challenges of Peace and Security in Africa

West Africa is a complex mix of factors that impact politics, security and personal relationships.

By Dr Mohamed Ibn Chambas


South African Defense Budget 2015…and Beyond

It could take five years or more to recover from the dismal state of the SANDF’s funding problem.

By Dev Mehta


Can the Botswana Defence Force Attain its Effectiveness Posture

A critical look at the military effectiveness levels the BDF has established for itself. What will it take to get there?

By Colonel Sianang Mokuedi


Keep the Wheels Turning

Runflat inserts and non-pneumatic tires can minimize mobility kills and keep vehicles moving.


Higher Education Building African Military Professionalism

By Brigadier Shadrack Moloi (Botswana Defence Command and Staff College) and Colonel Hugues de Roquemaurel (Cameroon International Superior War College).


Use of Protected Vehicles is Spreading Throughout All of Africa                 

Although first deployed in Africa, then off to a slow start, mine-protected vehicles are back home.


Black Hawk as a Solution to Africa’s Medium Lift Helicopter Needs

Sikorsky is embarking on a remanufacturing program to refurbish ex-US Army Black Hawks—dependable, proven and affordable options.


The African Peace and Security Architecture: Myth or Reality

Resolving African conflicts need solutions that take into account traditional and non-traditional options.

By Colonel Alhassan Abu Ghana Army


The ADF InsurgencyNetwork in Eastern DRC: Spillover into Tanzania

Threats to Tanzanian security and alternative strategies to defeat terrorism.

By Major Erasto S. Babere, Tanzania People’s Defence Force


Communications—A Most Effective Counter-Terrorism Option

Uganda and US Military Information Support Operations Counter the Lord’s Resistance Army in Central Africa

By Staff Sergeant Myles McCadney



Middle East and African defense markets are drawing attention of manufacturers around the globe.

By Dev Mehta