New Mozambican Armed Forces Chief of Staff

President Armando Guebuza on 26 June appointed Graca Chongo as the new Chief of Staff of the country’s armed forces (FADM) following consultations with the National Council for Defence and Security.

General Chongo has been promoted following the removal from office of General Paulino Macaringue. He had been in post since 2008 when he replaced General Lagos Lidimo.

General Chongo was formerly the General Inspector of the FADM.

President Guebuza has extended the mandate of Lt-General Olimpio Cambona as the Deputy Chief of Staff of the FADM. He was appointed to the post at the same time as Macaringue in 2008 but keeps his position.

Lt-General Cambona was a commander in the former rebel movement Renamo having joined at the age of seventeen in 1977.

However, since the merger of the old government army and the Renamo forces in 1994 he has served in the FADM.

As reported by AIM