South African Navy Hosts Pakistani National Defence University Delegation

The Pakistan National Defence University (NDU) visited the Fleet on 24 April 2015. The Pakistan NDU is the most senior training defence institution in Pakistan and they present the Security and Strategic Studies Course over a period of one year to senior officers of the armed forces and civilian services of Pakistan as well as military officers from friendly countries. Part of the curriculum includes a study tour to a foreign defence force for international exposure.

Chief of Fleet Staff, Rear Admiral (Junior Grade) D.G. Jamieson with a silent guard awaited the arrival of the Pakistan NDU in front of Fleet Command Head Quarters. The Ambassador S.M. Jamal, Commodore M.N. Shuaib and the Defence Attaché, Colonel A. Zahid paid a courtesy call to Flag Officer Fleet (FOF), Rear Admiral B.K. Mhlana.

An insightful military discussion and presentations covered the theoretical aspects of the SAN after which a tour, facilitated by the Officer Commanding, Captain M.A. Boucher on board SAS SPIOENKOP emphasized and supported earlier military discussions, adding practical value to the tour.